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Admission to Secondary School

If your child will turn 11 between 1 September and 31 August, he or she will transfer to secondary school at the start of the new school year, the following September.

Parents will be able to access admissions information and apply online from the beginning of September. Application forms will be provided to pupils who live in Wigan local authority from September before they change school:
- by the child’s primary school if they go to a Wigan primary school; or
- by post from the School Organisation Team, People Directorate if the child does not go to a Wigan primary school.

You must apply online or complete your application form and return this to your child's primary school (or the  School Organisation Team, People Directorate if your child does not go to a Wigan school) no later than the closing date - 31st October. Applications submitted after this date are classed at late. 

If any of your preferred schools is a voluntary-aided (church) school, you are strongly advised to fill in the school's own supplementary information form as well at the Wigan Council application form. Please see the Applying for a place at Secondary Schools booklet for further details

For more information contact the School Organisation Team

Phone No: 01942 489013


Website: Primary School Admissions

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