Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Within this category you can find various information, services and activities for children, young people and adults.   Each category has filters to help you narrow down your search.

Activities - Find your local activities where you can take part in lots of fun and stimulating events.

Childcare - To help you find the best place for your child to begin their learning journey.

Community Support Groups - Find local groups where you meet new people and access support needed.

Education Support Service - Various services to help you gain new skills.

Family Support - Various services to support you and/or your child’s needs.

Health Services - Select the Health Service link for information on where to go for support and information and advice on various health topics.

Short Breaks - Short breaks can help give children, young people and adults a place where they can meet new friends and learn independence while giving their parents/carers a chance to take some time out from their caring responsibilities.

Transport - Various services to help you get around the borough and information to support families when traveling further afield.

Preparing for Adulthood - Transition from child to a young adult, find information, advice and services to help gain knowledge and skills to become more independent.

Special Schools - These Schools provide for children with Special Educations Needs and Disabilities

We advise you contact the services and activity groups to be sure they cater for yours and your child’s needs.

Select the following link for  further information and support

Special educational needs and disability - Local Offer



Page last reviewed: 27/02/2023

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