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How to access your 30 hour and Tax-Free Childcare account with HMRC

Whether you have applied for 30 hours free childcare, a Tax-Free Childcare account or both with HMRC you will need access to your account from time to time. This could be to view your 30 hour, 11 digit eligibility code or to read a secure…

How to become a childminder

Information on how to become a childminder or how to start working in childcare can be found on the following link    

Hungry Little Minds

Everyday moments can be used to boost your child’s learning, and they are interested in all sorts of things. The Hungry Little Minds campaign provides lots of simple tips and activities that you can slot into your routine and that children love: • Children will…

Nannies and Au pairs (also known as a Home Childcarer)

For many families a Nanny or an Au Pair is a well-liked alternative to nurseries or childminding, they can offer flexibility for parents looking after children in their own homes.  Nannies can work on a daily basis or live in the home providing early starts…

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Within this category you can find various information, services and activities for children, young people and adults.   Each category has filters to help you narrow down your search. Activities - Find your local activities where you can take part in lots of fun and stimulating…

Start Well Family Centres (Sure Start Children's Centres)

Start Well Family Centres provide support and activities to help parents, carers and childcare providers give children under five the 'best start in life'. These include: Childcare Early education and play Health services Information and advice about children’s services Parenting support. Where are they? There are…

Tax Free Childcare

Tax-Free Childcare and 30 hours free childcare are government schemes to help parents/carers with the cost of childcare. Both schemes can be applied for through a single online application. For more information please visit the website provided.  

Tiny Happy People

Introducing Tiny Happy People, brought to you by the BBC Language, we all use it, it enables you to tell others about yourself, how you are feeling and also say what you think. For children, it sets the foundations for learning; without it, it makes…
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